Accessories and tools

One of the best parts of Relate® hearing aid technology is how it syncs with other tools to make your life easier and your hearing better — with just a tap or click.

At home

Do you stay close to home? These accessories help make everyday activities a snap.

Hearing Remote app

Lets you fine-tune settings; free with purchase

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TV Connector

Directs your TV’s audio directly to your hearing aids


Out and about

Need to adjust between home life and socializing and errands? Consider these tools.


Pins on a friend or family member’s lapel, making their voice louder in your hearing aids for conversations in loud spaces


Remote Control

Compact and discreet, so you can quickly adjust hearing aid volume and settings without needing your smartphone


Active living

If you’re always on the go, it can mean a lot of different hearing situations. Here’s help at your fingertips.

Hearing Remote app

Fine-tune settings for one-on-one chats to large gatherings; free with purchase

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Remote Control

Fits discreetly in your pocket for quick on-the-go adjustments in the car, or at a restaurant, concert or sports event — without needing your smartphone


Simply genius: Relate built-in features

Phone and tablet pairing

Connect to up to 8 iOS and Android devices for a variety of uses

Tap control

Some models let you tap to answer calls or pause streamed audio

Wireless connectivity

Make smartphone calls, listen to music and connect to helpful accessories

Ready to get started?

Depending on your health care plan and AARP membership, you have the option of buying Relate® hearing aids through UnitedHealthcare Hearing, EPIC Hearing Healthcare or AARP® Hearing Solutions™ provided by UnitedHealthcare Hearing. Check out hearing care near you, and request an appointment with a hearing care professional that offers Relate hearing aids.

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